6_Xiao, Steven, About Me

  I am Steven Xiao, also known as X, a fourteen-year-old Freshmen in Pegasus California School. 


  My favorite subject is Mathematics. Almost half of the people I know hate Math, but I think Math is really interesting. I enjoy the process of Math-problem solving a lot, especially after I solve a difficult problem, it let me feels very fulfilling, and I am willing to accept challenges in my interests. Therefore, I chose Pre-Calculus for my Math class this year, it is going to be tough, anyway, I will try my best.


  I have a lot of hobbies, what I like the most are Piano and Table Tennis. I have been learning Piano for six years, and I started training Table Tennis a year ago. Sometimes it is hard to do good on both academic and extracurricular activities, which is what I am facing. However, I did not give up my hobbies, because they can be really helpful for university application, and to me, they can just make you feel relaxing when you are stress out.


  You will find out, I have a lot of defects. For example, I can cooperate with others, but I am definitely not good at teamwork and communication, my team will usually mess up if I did not do all the things. Furthermore, I cannot control my emotion very well after I lost a competition, I will feel self-accusation and will not forget easily.


  All in all, this is basically who I am. Pegasus is totally a new environment for me, so I am looking forward to know more about the students and the teachers here. It is nice to meet you all.


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