Samantha Mosqueda


5th per

Light Painting Self-Reflection

                                   Light Painting

My first image shows me with a soccer ball, and what my image is trying to show is me playing my favorite sport some techniques I used where flashing to make me look like I’m playing soccer, but we used a flash light because someone lost the flash device. My second image shows me having a crown on, and what this means is that I’m my own leader, and don’t listen to anyone else who is rude. How I did this was, I used three people one to be the model, one to draw the crown and one to take the photo, and we used pink flash to create the crown and hearts. The third photo, shows me with a rainbow background. The meaning to this is that Im happy, fun and creative. For my last picture it is my name, and I chose my name because I really admire my name. We stood in the cold, and we got different flash light, and we spelled out different names. We chose to stand out because that night the moon had an eclipse. One of us stood on top of a building and one stood on the bottom to get the right picture.

But, the cons about this project is that we wouldn’t have the right equipment because everyone else would us it, or someone would take the room we would want to use. Also my teammates had other homework to do, so they couldn’t help me as much. The struggle of this project is that you would have to take so many pictures until you go the perfect one and you had to learn technique to get a interesting photo. The success about this was that we had enough people to do certain things, for example to be the model, take the picture or draw. Another good thing is that we had enough time to do this assignment. Also I would learn cool techniques in photo club, and I learned how make a fire and I would use it for my real photos.

I learned many things about light painting, like how to work camera settings which is really great information to learn. I also learned tricks I can do with light in light painting pictures. But if I had more time to do this assignment I would want to know more about settings and more ways to use tools to make a specific type of light form. Overall I liked this assignment, taught me cool things.

10 thoughts on “5_Mosqueda_Samantha_lpreflection

  1. Lucy Gao:
    forth is beautiful, in the daily life I think you are a girl who really like sports and always be happy and positive. forth one showing you are so quite, when you only sitting there it’s just as beautiful as a princess. it’s good to showing another part of yourself!

  2. The one with rainbows on it looked amazing, I want to know how u created it. And I also like the image with a crown on your head, very cute.
    Jason Su

  3. Those images are elegant, well-crafted, creative, and cute. You did a great job in expressing yourself in your artworks.
    Nice Job!

    Tony Yan

  4. At first I didn’t quite understand your pictures very well. But with your explanation, I like your picture so much! I especially love what you said for the portrait with crown–Your idea of feeling independent is so positive in a positive way!
    Alice Long

  5. I really enjoy that one with rainbow. Your combined your idea and your partners’ good skill. It’s impressive for me.
    Bill Xie

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