6 Zhang, Karen, plagiarism

My name is Karen Zhang, and I am 14 years old. I have lots of hobbies, such as resding. I really like reading, especially novels. In the holidays, I usually sat in silence and read for whole afternoon. Drawing  is also my hobby, I have learned it for about two years when I was young, after growing up, I have to stop the art classes because of the heavy work. I can play the Chinese traditiona instruments called ErHu, I have learned  it for seven years and get the 9th level. I like Chinese history and Chinese Classical Poetry, when I was in grade 7 I have been interested in them. I really hate physics, beacuse of my low scores. I love animals, and I like cats best. I also have two cats in my home, they are the members of my fimaly. What’s more, I enjoy travelling and taking photos. Every time I went to travel, I would take many photos of scenery, those are very valuable and meaningful to me.That’s all.

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