6, Yang, Allen, About Me

Hello! I’m Allen.  My Chinese name is Yang Zimu.  I’m from Weifang not Qingdao, but I like Qingdao very much because it is bigger and more prosperous than Weifang.  I have many hobbies such as singing, playing computer games, movies, and sports. I like interesting things because they make me strong and clever.  I like music and sports very much, so I often squeeze out some time to listen to music and play sports with friends.  When I went to Europe, I bought a headset to listen to songs at night.  I think staying at home is a very boring thing and I  like travelling.  I have been to many Chinese cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Henan, and I have been to Europe too.  It’s very beautiful.

I have a good temper, I am not shy, and I enjoy interacting with people.  When I go to a new school, the first important thing for me is to meet new friends, because I think making new friends in a school can bring me a lot of benefits, such as communication learning, exchanging hobbies and communication difficulties.

My parents also live in Weifang.  In fact, Weifang is also a very good city, where there are lots of places to visit, and also the kite capital of the world.  My parents are very capable and have great hopes for me, so I will live up to their expectations.


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