6 Wang, Rossi, Essay about me

Rossi’s Self Introduction

Hello, everyone! My name is Rossi Wang. I come from a big family that includes my parents, my grandparents, and my brother. My favorite food is apples because they taste crispy.  I like playing video games like Diablo II and Super Mario because they are so interesting that I can play them for plenty of hours if I don’t have to study! I like studying social science and sketching very much. I also play tennis (though I’m just a beginner).

For studying, history, and geography are my favorite, especially ancient Chinese history, because it’s fun. I have  a lot of books about those things and I like reading them very much. Once I was asleep, but there was a Chinese history book in front of me!Some of my favorite books are, Those Things Of Ming Dynasty, All Men Are Brothers, and The Romance Of The Three Kingdoms. For sketching, I like to draw cars, geometric objects, and electronics. It is just like carving a real object on a large piece of paper. Different from tennis, I have learned sketching for nearly one and a half years, but I just learned playing tennis for one month, so I have the foundations for sketching. I still need to learn sketching for there are more knowledge of it for me to accumulate.

That is all, thank you for your attention!




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