6 Wang, Barry, introduction

Introduce myself

  Hello everyone, I’m Barry, I’m from Zibo, let me introduce myself next.

First of all, I will tell you my hobbies. I like watching movies, but the kind of movies that I like are not sell well or the high investment.  I prefer the movies reflect someone’s felling or the facts of society.  I can know more from these movies instead of the  personal heroes.

I also love reading books, the kind of books that I like is similar to the kind of movies that I like.  I think books is also a good way to know about the world and society, if you have same interest, you can share the feeling with me.it’s a good way to learn form each other. 

My favorite outdoors activity is hiking mountain, hiking mountain is a challenge, you need to be careful to the road to the top, It’s similar to the trouble that you face in life, never give up, enjoy the process of hiking or facing , the most beautiful sights when you hike is the sight during the hiking.  you are supposed to try your best to overcome the trouble.  When you reach the top, you will feel condition and proud.

My dream seems really difficult. My dream is to be a scientist to invent the new invention,  and I want to  help search the universe,  compare to the universe to the earth, the earth is like a tiny drop in the ocean.  I really want to know if there are aliens in universe. for the universe is really big, and human only know a few secrets of  universe.  I even want to have a trip through the black holes, during the trip, you can’t feel the time is stop,  you even can’t think anything, it’s magic , isn’t it? in one day, we can find out these secrets

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