6 Liu, Lucy, About Me

About Me

My name is Lucy, and my Chinese name is Liu Renyi. I’m 14, study in Pegasus California School. I live with my mom and grandparents. I like plants and flowers, and I think it is really difficult to plant flowers very well.

I like dancing, music, and ice-skating. I like dancing because I think it is a good way to relax and I can make us more graceful. I am studying ballet now. I had a group of classmates in my old school who also like dancing. So, I built a dance club and We usually practice dancing together after school. I had a good time there.

I like music. At the very beginning, I played keyboard for 6 years. Then I turned to electronic organ, and I have been studying it for 3 years. I really like this instrument because it can imitate many kinds of instrument. It is powerful. Also, it is more difficult and have more challenge than the keyboard, but I like it.

I like animals because I think they are cute and smart. I also like traveling, I like to travel with my parents.

I also like Math, cause I think math is full of logic. When I solve a math problem, I will be very excited.

I want to study math, science,or medicien when I am in the college, so I can do the job I really like. And I want to be taller, for I am always the shortes in my class.

That’s all. Thank you!

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