6 Bian, Kenny, Plagiarism

First, I want join Berklee college of music so I did an research online, finally I found this on the web of Berklee. ‘Respect copyright and other intellectual-property rights. Copying files or passwords belonging to others will be considered a violation of College policies and a violation of law, and may constitute fraud, plagiarism, or theft. Software licensed by the online school must only be used in accordance with the applicable license. Modifying or damaging information without authorization (including but not limited to altering data, introducing viruses, or simply damaging files) is unethical and a violation of College policies, and may be a felony in Massachusetts.

Which means copy with out permission will break the rule and also the law at Massachusetts, because the web didn’t show the consequence so I think the consequence can be kick out of college.

That the plagiarism policies at an American university of my choice.

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