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 About me

I am Karen Zhang, I am 14 years old and  I am from Tianjin. I have many hobbies, such as reading. I love reading, especially novels. For the holidays, I usually sit in silence and read for whole afternoon. I also like drawing and I learned when I was very young, but in primary school, I had to stop drawing because  I had too much homework. My favourite subject is history and Chinese. I really like Chinese Classical Poetry.  I can play the Chinese classical musical instrument called the ErHu. I have learned it for seven years and gotten to the 9th level. What’s more, I enjoy travelling with my parents. I’d like to take many phtots of scenery. I think they are valueble and meaningful to me. And I like animals, hovewer,  I like cats best. I have two cats at home. 

They are very important to me and they are members of my family. In addition, I like watching football matches. That’s all.

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