6 Jackson, Li, Self Introduction

6 Jackson, Li, Self Introduction

Self Introduction
My name is Jackson . I am from Ri Zhao, it is in the east of China. I like playing basketball and I like taking photoes. I have an UAV last year, I like playing it on the sky. My favorite food is hamburger, I think hamburgers are very delicious. I like singing song and my favorite singer is Joker Xue. I think he is very good at singing. I like his song “What do you want from me”

I like travel and I went to lots of places. such as JapanSingapore,Germany,FrenchSwitzerland

,Italy and Vacitan. I like Germany because the people there are very friendly but I don’t like Italy, because people there are not friendly.

My dream is become a CEO, because I can make lots of money, and help pool people. My favorite CEO is Steve Jobs ,Because I think he is very smart.

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