6 Dale ,Ye, Self Introduction

My name is Dale.I’m from from Hangzhou.I’m studying at pegasus now,and I’m extremely like Mrs.Scarff’s English class.I think Mrs Scarff’ ’s English class is the world No.1 ,and I like to study English.I like everything I can do..But I can’t do everything well.I am like every food.Of course including every weird things. And I like Mexico food  a lot. I’m very like taco.I don’t have a exactly hobby. But I like Bungee jumping, do kung fu. I really love Mrs Scarff’s English class. I love to do homework in Mrs.scarff’s homework.In the feature I want to be a politician like this man in the picture.So I will goto U.S. university to study politics.I don’t like any animal.Because I have some really scared thing about animal in my life.I want to be the leader of china,but I think in china I can’t do it It is just my dream.    But I have dream that on day I can be a president of U.S. Talking with the leader of china do not make china be autarchy!

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