6 Anthia, About Me

                                                                                           introduce myself

Hello, I am Anthia,

  I am so happy that I can stand here and introduce myself
My hometown is in Qingdao, a beautiful seaside city, I graduated from Qingdao No. 26 middle school, where I met many kind and friendly teachers and classmates.I love my middle school.

—-y classroom—-playground —school

  My favorite sport is swimming, skating play badminton. Favorite animals are cats and squirrels. On weekends I like to read and listen to music and watch movies. Most weekends go like this. I like learning English and Chinese very much. Now I have fewer opportunities to learn Chinese, and I feel very sad.

My favorite idol isPark CHAN  YOEL  A Korean and Charli  PUSH

I am a kind and warm-hearted person, I hope you and I can be good friends, thank youe Puth


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