5_Yuan_Jasmine_Light Painting Reflection

Jasmine Yuan

March 15, 2018


Light Painting

Light Painting Reflection


I like light painting because it is really fancy and fun. In this project, I tried to do make some funny or amazing pictures. But when I started to do them, I realized that what teacher told us and what the artists did were much much easier than the facts, that made me annyed and little bit sad. For the second image, I adjust the light (aperture, ISO and f-number) for whole night( even though we are at same room with the same ligth inside, we still needed to adjust every time for its content and emotion that I wanted to show.) Hard than what I expected, and when I got the final second one, my teamworker Luna and I were so excited and happy.

As for the first image, I took it with Mrs. Scarff during Xiao Nian night. We used pre-focus and leading lines( the ground) and the form( the background building). And tried a few times. This image just wanted to show: where I from and I change a little bit in the photoshop so that it looks more warm and the number of the letter are more specific, especially for Mr. Scarff’s S (that looks like a circle at first).

In the second image, I wanted to show some of my apperence, at least I think who I am, a little bit warm, sheer, silenct and noble or you can say pride. To get this image, firstly we made a plan and brought the essensial equipements. Secondly, we tested the light and adjusted light that spent us a lot of time because of the mirror walls and the blackboard. Thrid, we found a view to light the flower so that we could see its shadow. In this image, we used highlight( one side of the flower is brighter than the other side), shodow( tey to let it longer and show the flower’s shape instead of a line) and 1 thrid theory with pre-focus.

In the thrid picture, I wanted to say: when I ebcounter the big trouble and I have no soultions, how will I be like—a closed circle to protect myself form harms. And the surrounding lines and points which are in different color mean some traps that others made for me and gossips. To make this image, i first set up the tripot and find the position where I should draw so that the canema can take over the whole pattern. Then drawing the 3D circle with a long light. And then, took some different light in the corner. Running and running away, and finally I got that one I do think it wad perfect for my goal. To make this image, I used pre-foucus and shape.

In the forth picture, I tried to talk about how do I think of the life: there must be some conflicts and hard time for everyone. But these bad things may happen in the differnernt time in people’s life. So sometimes, we do not need to complain about the unfair things that you think only happened to you because this is only you think, others may have already experiences or will taste in the future. And all these unfair or painful things will become your own konwledge and will make you more peaceful and have a deeper undstanding for the life. If in the future, I meet the same challenges, I think I will be brave and confident to face and overcome the difficultied that happen in my life or study. For this image, I used some complex lines to show the diferent experience of our life with different color and shape. The wide of the lines means how we feel and how big size of our hearts. I believe the size and ways to think things influences our life quality. To creat this image, firstly, I set up the tripot and adjust the light. Then, I went to the calculatived position and tured on the different corlor lights. Drawing what the shape that I wanted.

In this project, the biggest chanllenge was the ligth issue for I did not want to change a lot in the photoshop. I worried that the change may will change the other things that I do want and I took the pictures before Mrs. Scarff told us so many methods to adjust so that I tried to get perfect at any images especially for the emotion by shapes and color. And that really spent a lot of my time and provied a strong feeling of happiness and excitness as soon as I got them. The success is excep the first image, others are almost the same than I did. I just needed to change some little background styles. How successful I was! Ha Ha Ha.

I learned to make a plan before I started and highlighted the imporant tasks and stuffs that I needed to bring or do before doing a project. I also learnted how to commuicate better and corporate with my teamates. If I have more time, I would like to learn more mrthods in the photoshop and maybe can Ms. Scarff makes a video to reminde us or teach us for all the techniques that we need if she wants and other students agree. So that we could learn more efficeintly .


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