5_Xie_Bill_Light Panting Reflection

In the recent weeks I was focusing in a program called Light painting. That program is really impressive because I learned how to create some amazing pictures and how to set up the camera. There are 4 pictures in my binder in order to illustrate my personality. Those pictures are trying to say that I am vivacious sometimes and diffident sometimes. I think those pictures show my characteristic very well. I used the ghosting in my first picture. There are 3 different in that picture, one is praying, second one is dancing, and the lasting one is doing something silly. That idea is really creative for me because it illustrated 3 different characteristics about me in one picture. I used the reflection of mirror in dance classroom, thus there are lots of me in that picture. In additional, I used very strong light and laser point to decorate my picture. The third one was took without any light, and the only technique I used is laser. The picture looks spectacular and that picture is my favorite. The last picture described I was playing Christmas light as a whip. Those pictures are all come from my own inspiration. The technique I prepare are laser, flash light, plastic bag, and some color papers. By the way, I have 2 excellent teammates.

The light painting project seems easy, but there is full of challenge. The first challenge is to set up the camera. Light painting program asks for a totally different settlement of camera. It is hard for me to play with my “Good friend” although I learned it for a whole class. Fortunately, I got it when I tried it over and over again. The second challenge is to use the technique and control them. Final result would be influenced because of a little mistake of the technique. We always took a picture for at least 10 times, and we choose the best picture in them. We felt exhaust before, but we still made some fantastic photos. I am really proud of it.

I learned a lot from light panting program. I finally knew that the camera could create such nice picture. I knew how to set up the camera in different situation. I also knew that hardship to make a prefect picture. Lastly, I really want to learn how to use adobe photoshop to make up my photo if I have enough time. That will be a fantastic trip.

7 thoughts on “5_Xie_Bill_Light Panting Reflection

  1. Comments from Jason
    Bill’s images looked cool,especially the one that he swung the Christmas light in front of the mirror. The shape of the light circle looked great when I first saw it down in the computer room.

  2. his picture is cool. The first he showing of two sides of his heart. As he said:most of people think I’m happy, but actually I’m not.We see his heart from his photo, light painting it’s a good way to show emotion. Second photo is as cool as the main role in the movie, but I like the last one most. I like the colorful circle.

  3. I feel like there’s consistent core in your pictures, which was pretty effective on telling something about yourself. I like the last picture especially, for the light looked like a heart in the air but also like a circle in the mirror.
    Alice Long

  4. Your pictures are amazing!!! Thanks for your photographer Tony Yan. HAHAHA just kidding… You have successfully created a consistent story in all 4 of your photos, and you show your personality to others successfully as well. Those images are colorful, passionate, and complex, just like you, Bill
    Well Done
    Tony yan

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