5_Sun, Candy, About Me

                                                                           About me

Hi, my name is Candy, a sixteen year-old girl. I have a wide range of hobbies. First of all, I can play the dulcimer, which is a kind of Chinese traditional string instrument. I have already learn it for almost four years. I like to play it. What’s more, I am interest in collecting a variety of the teddy bears with different colors and sizes. When I travel to other countries or place, I often buy some teddy bears, which maybe have different characteristic. There is a Teddy Bear Museum, which has the most diverse Teddy bears, in Korea, so I have a dream to visit this museum in the future.

In my family, there are three people, my mother, my father, and I. My mother is a graceful woman who has short black hair. She is good at cooking. She has a capability to cook some dishes like kung Pao chicken, tomatoes and eggs. Moreover, she prefers to stay at home to watch some movies on the computer during her free time instead of going outside. What’s more, she can count money at a very fast rate. For my father, he is a big fan on the soccer. During the days of the world cup, he always stayed up late to watch the game, no matter how tired he was in the daytime. There is also a pet dog in my home. She is a chihuahua in yellow and white.        

I have many friends in my life. However, my best friend is called Sandy, and we have already known each other for more than 10 years. We have many things in common, such as the habits, and interest. We often hang out in the downtown during the holiday.


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