5_Su_Jason_Light Painting Reflection

Light painting self-reflection

My 4 images are trying to show my personalities and explain some invisible features of me. I created them mostly in my dorm at night, with the help of my roommates. I used red and green lights to do some basic drawings, then I edit my images in Photoshop and changed their hues and saturations in order to create different scenes. The techniques that I used were basically indoor shooting techniques like the control of the amount of light in the room, and one essential point is the position of the camera and the tripod, I always place them carefully.

There are some challenges that I met when I take those images. I found it difficult to use laser pointer to draw in front of the camera because of its invisible light trail. So, I changed to normal lights that I could see the track of light when I drew the pictures. One thing that truly delights me is that the light effect on my toy armor robot went really well, it was like real energy floating out of its helmet.

I learned quite a lot through the practice of light painting, also, the usage of Photoshop. Especially the camera settings. For example, the lens’ size and shutter speed will have effect on the brightness of the picture. We can change the F number according to the brightness around us. Finally, Photoshop is really useful when the image has some kind of flaws, it is a good software that repairs images easily and makes them look great.

7 thoughts on “5_Su_Jason_Light Painting Reflection

  1. His first image is sooooooo cool! His strong imagination it’s strong enough, even can create a moment as cool as movie! I even can’t guess how can he create the image. May be with Photoshop, maybe not. Third image also is wonderful. He may using the factory to create the photo, it’s like a fire water from a little hole.

  2. You are so good at setting scene for photographing, that your picture look powerful even without Lighting.
    Alice Long

  3. Those images are just gorgeous!!!! I love them soooo much. The color you choose and the ideas you have are just great. They fit you!!!

    Tony Yan

  4. Your pictures are really fashion. Those pictures tell us what your like during your normal life. I want to learn from you. Bill Xie

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