5_Dong_Mary_Pinhole Camera Reflection

Me and my camera





The first group of pictures show Jasmine sitting on the playground with a soccer ball, and the second group of pictures of pictures use goasting and they are successful.


Team Pinhole Camera  


Dark room experience

I never tried darkroom photography before, and this project offered me a chance to get in touch with it. Jasmine and I created our own pinhole camera with a small metal box together, at the first, our camera  is light-leaking, the test paper was almost all black, but our camera can work well after we improved the shutter .

Our camera needs 30 seconds of exposure on a sunny day, and this time is very stable., this is where we feel successful. What was not that nice is that the camera is small. If there’s a condition and time, I’d like to shoot a double exposure photo of me and myself boxing.

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