10 thoughts on “5_Dong_Mary_Lightpainting Reflection

  1. Lucy Gao:
    Each one of your photos are beautiful! First one like a little fish swimming in the rainbow, although you hate eat fish. The second is full of your love to your mummy, it’s a satisfied gift for you mom! I like your idea and I also like your pictures!

  2. Good pictures always have their own stories.
    Your photos are creative and gorgeous. And you have great photoshop skills as well.

    Tony Yan

  3. I love your last picture with pointy star and blurry corners! It’s so adorable! And for your fish picture, the rainbow is so amazingly shaped! And it’s so kind of you to take a picture to thank your mom!
    p.s. I don’t like eating fish either
    Alice Long

  4. There are always stories behind your pictures and those photos illustrate those stories very well. I like that. Bill Xie

  5. I think your pictures have their own stories.
    And i agree with the idea of light painting is a good way to change our negative emotions.

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