5_Aaron, Li, About me

Hi,i am Aaron, and i’m 17 years old. I came to Pegasus last year. This is a big family which is very mildness. I not only learned tons of knowledge, but also made many friends. Every time i encounter problems, they always right there helping me across the difficult.
I play computer games in free time. Actually, it already became a part of my life. When i first touch it, the fancy frame on the screen immediately attract me, Irresistibly. Most people thought that computer games have no advantage for children. I disagree with that. I am very good at math right now just because of those games. Games make my mind sharper. Without doubt, you can’t sit there playing all day. I also like discovering the utility software, such as Photoshop. Therefore, i choose photo last semester, to help me improving my skills. It is very useful to master this technique. I won’t give up learning computer technique.

I spend much time with my family and friends. My family like travel so much. We go abroad almost every year to enjoy the vacation. I have been to many countries, to feel others’ life in the world. Comprehend their history is my favorite. Even though i don’t like history so much, listening others tell about their stories, you will feel so real than reading book.

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