5_ Xie, Beth, About Me

5_ Xie Beth about me

Hi, I’m Beth, a new student in Pegasus California School and I’m 16 years old. I’m trying hard on studying AP courses and preparing my TOFEL and SAT tests in order to get offers from universities in California or any other universities that is worth to go. From the beginning, I realise the difficulties of studying AP courses, which make me a little bit afraid of the college life, because it will be full with challenge. But I like things with challenge, I can overcome these in order to get a great sense of confidence and get higher scores. These are the hopes and goals in my academic life. Now, I would like to talk about my hobbies, friends and family.

I like playing the violin. I hate this instrument in my childhood, because I always need to practice when others hang out. I always thought that I was a bird which arrested in a cage. Then I start to like it as I grow up, because violin help me a lot no matter in making friends in daily life or earn credits in academic life. Nowadays, I believe that it is a mutual help, because I play beautiful musics by using violin and violin also help me a lot. Plus, I have many hobbies such as writing, travelling and  eating, etc. I would like to write some novels about animals’ rights and aim to awake people’s consciousness of animals’ protection. I hope I can publish my books one day.



I do not have many friends but I have few of close intimates. It is comfortable to stay with close friends and get rid of restriction, our conversations could be in-depth and personal. We know each very much and always give some constructive advice. Besides, friends not only means normal friends and also boy friend. I have a boyfriend. Many people include my parents said having a relationship will have negative effects on studying. But in my opinion, possess my own relationship is a sign of growing up. We can study together and get progress.

For my family, I can say that I have excellent parents fortunately. My mom just like a friend. When I get troubles and difficulties, she give me advice by using her experience which obtained by similar situation as a reference. We have no secrets. besides, my parents are interested, sometimes they are extremely sweet but they also get into “cold war”. I think this could be the wife and husband work. They have sweet moment but also have conflicts when they possess different opinions.


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