5_ Alger, Liu, About Me

Though I don’t know who you are, where you are, now it a pleasure for me that you are reading my introduction. I am Alger Liu, who is  student from Pegasus California School. I am 17 year old now. There are three family members in my family. Everyday I can feel that they always love me. I think I am half new student in pegasus, but I have many friends in pegasus. They treat me as I am at home. 

I like to play soccer and debate. As a soccer fan, I will stay up late for my favorite team’s games. Also I will spend 2 hours per day to play soccer. As for debate, this is a hobby I developed during senior high school. I really enjoy the time I spend with teammates to find the disadvantages of other statement. In my free time, I will also play Werewolves with my friends. Maybe study is also a good choice for free time.  

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