Lucy Gao Light painting reflection

Lucy Gao




Beauty in the Dark

Lighting painting is a new project for me, because that’s the first time I heard of that. It’s fancy and it’s really a challenge, although we already do the par-are stuff as searching many information, find example pictures and looking for the step. Camera is not unfamiliar for me, I thought it doesn’t work when it’s in the dark because you can shoot at nothing. Before we start this project by ourselves, we practice many times during class. We have try created a person stand on the ground, or same person stand side by side (appear twice) and so on. We got good harvest and we start to instead in light painting, although it’s really takes long time and even need to fail over and over again.

Totally, I have 14 pictures, five of them I taking in the school, others I just take on the rode when I back to my hometown. I ‘m not satisfied with the first five because it’s the beginning of my start, a lots of trouble all coming around, for example, people who hold flashlight are showing in the picture, other light all come into the room when we are shooting, there is nothing can see in the picture…… although pictures are not that crazy beautiful at all, that’s also valuable because these are the steps and process of final, successful, amazing light painting picture.  Lighting painting is not only people create image in the dark, it’s also a good way to showing the emotion of yourself. I would like to showing two sides of my self: angel and demon, kind and evil, sad and happy or whatever you choose to shoot. Pictures can express people’s emotion sometimes, you don’t just taking an picture without any emotion or anything you wanna express. For me, be honest, I dislike light painting at the beginning because I fail many times and I really want to give up, but the point is I have no reason choose to give up, at least for my grade (it’s a really high points for my grade), then I trying to taking it follow heart, just follow the heart. On the rode, I saw a beam of week light from a small house, it’s moving with the car, when I taking it and become a beautiful line in the dark. We are not lucky because traffic jam it’s happened, many cars are coming together to create lots of lights in the dark, it should be a perfect light painting picture showing in my camera……Gradually, I thinking out that if you want to taking light painting photo, it’s everywhere at night. In my opinion,  excellent photos always from daily life, nature can always create lots of grate pictures as perfect as you want.

Light painting is a art in the dark and it’s kind of way to discover beauty of night form tiny little   object around life. I love it now, different with the beginning, I’m enjoy light paining project already. I would like to say light painting can even create another world with only light at night, it’s a sort of art that is beauty at dark and beauty form your heart.


10 thoughts on “Lucy Gao Light painting reflection

  1. Nice landscaping! I like the light pattern in your first picture. But I can’t see enough information about yourself. I suggest you to try to look into yourself more often; that way you will find out something to shoot.
    Alice Long

  2. It is a great idea that you took pictures in the car. Although it is blurry, I can see the shape of life in it.
    Jason Su

  3. Your ideas are great and I love the way that you shoot outside.
    But I think you should put more effort into your photos!
    You can do better!😃

    Tony Yan

  4. Pictures are really great, but I think you should try to tell us the reason why did you take those.
    Bill Xie

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