5, Zhang, Jessie, Pinhole Camera Research

1.I want three boys, let them stand in a row, from the shortest to the tallest. They all bring a symbol of their age:toy, book, laptop.


pictures of camera obscuras:

3.①The camera obscuras make the view inside of the house, so you don’t need to go outside.

②This one make the white wall colorful.


photographs taken with pinhole cameras

3.①This photo use the feature of the pinhole cameras, low angle of view

②This photo also use the low angle of view, and the leading line.

pinhole camera examples

3.The shelter is kind of useful.

4.Camera obscuras use a room to be a camera, and in this room only leave on little hole, the light from outside will get in, the view of the outside will show in the room.

Pinhole camera just like a small camera obscuras, the light will get in from the pinhole, leave a photography paper on the opposite of the pinhole, then the light will hit the paper. The paper will turn black if the light is get in.

I also learn some skills to took a better photo with a pinhole camera, low angle of the view is useful.

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