what i search online:A pinhole camera, also known as camera obscura, or dark chamber, is asimple optical imaging device in the shape of a closed box or chamber. Inone of its sides is a small hole which, via the rectilinear propagation of light,creates an image of the outside space on the opposite side of the box.

The first known description of pinhole photography is found in the 1856 book The Stereoscope by Scottish inventor David Brewster, including the description of the idea as “a camera without lenses, and with only a pin-hole”. One older use of the term “pin-hole” in the context of optics was found in James Ferguson’s 1764 book Lectures on select subjects in mechanics, hydrostatics, pneumatics, and optics.

Sir William Crookes and William de Wiveleslie Abney were other early photographers to try the pinhole technique.

I want to take a picture with a few stones.And the light was shine on their side .So that it looks peace .Like the first photo beow.

 like the castle.

the photo is around,unusual

the special view

 only the reiver is light so outstand

When I use pinhole camera, i find time is extremely important. If time is too long ,the image will be dark and hard to define. If time is too short ,will light and you can not define the objects.

To get a better image my experience is write down the weather and time.

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