5 Yan, Tony, Light Painting Presentation

Tony Yan


Period 5

Light Painting Reflection


I love light painting, and I enjoy the gorgeous pictures that light painting can create, but I feel like I can do a better job if I have more time and put in more effort.

I have a strange mixed feeling towards my work. I love the integral design, and I express the idea as I wanted. However, some of the photos did not turn into the best work as possible. I apologized.  I blamed this for myself that I did not put enough effort in them because the scarce time I had.  I tried to create a creepy, somber, scary tone. So I choose to shoot them vertically. In that way, the figures in my pictures will become larger, and it will also provide an intense emotion. Basically, the four pictures have the same main theme—change. I always like to show everybody the positive and optimistic side of me. I try to make others happy and I do not want any negative emotion from me influencing others. But I am actually delicate. I am easy to be hurt and easy to be sad and lonely.

The idea for my first image was supposed to create a “ghost” of me. I feel like that I am tired of the world that we are all living in. We are all living under masks. I hate to be a hypocritical person. I want to laugh when I want to laugh. I’d rather stay desolately when I feel sad. I am a very outgoing and friendly and funny person, as they all said, so I have a lot of friends. But I just feel tired about that sometimes you still pretend that you are happy when you actually not. I have many friends that sometimes I will even become less happy than staying alone. I’d rather be a ghost that nobody could see me, so I can do whatever I want. However, the shooting process didn’t really go well. We shot the image in the hallway on the first floor of doom. I used the flashlight on my phone and the green light of the “Exit” sign to be the main light resources. The second image is about me trapping in a cage. This cage represents two things. One thing is the “hypocritical mask” that every person has. I try to break it in order to get free. The other connotation is that before I came to pegasus, I went to a traditional Chinese school, and my imagination was trapped. I can really start developing my interest in this school. So the cage that created by Christmas light waving in front of me represents my circumstance that imprisons my imagination. The third picture has two me inside of it. We used the mirror in order to do that. In the picture, I was holding Christmas lights, and my partner waved purple lights around me. After taking the picture, I used photoshop to make the reflection of me in the mirror contorted which represents that the “mask” of me is fading away. The fourth image is obvious. The dead body on the ground is me. The “old Tony” is dead now. I can finally take off my mask, and I can be free now. I lay down, and my partner used flash to draw the contour around me. We tried to use a laser pointer to write the death time next to me like those in the movies, but I failed. So I could only use photoshop to add the words after.

The biggest challenge is that it has always been hard to shoot a photo that completely matches the one in your mind. Sometimes I tried to use just color lights, but the photos just turned out dark, and nobody can see my face clearly. Sometimes I tried to wave Christmas lights, but it just turned out a mess. And I didn’t really have enough time to do so. For instance, when everything was ready, and we were sure we would take one perfect shot this time. But it was already 9 o’clock and we had to leave. So we had to give up and started packing up. However, sometimes some of those great challenges can make great surprises. The cage in color was created by accident. I tried to create a circle, like of like roulette behind me. But the colorful lights in the photo ultimately turned out look like a prison. So that’s how the idea got into my mind. I had the central idea of the series of the photos, which was awesome!

The most influential thing I have learned from this project is that I can finally figure out who I really am. I might usually appear foolish or funny in front others—because I like it. I enjoy making people laugh, grabbing people’s attention, and being the center. However, I am tired of my “fake laugh”. I tried to be myself. I want freedom and I want to be happy. So the mean thing about this project, in my opinion, is to seek the true feeling towards yourself. Additionally, of course, I have learned many useful skills. I know basic camera settings and light painting resources, and I have also learned how to use those sources and my camera to create delicate pieces. If I have more time, I would like to discover more about the natural light painting resources, such as stars, street lamps, or neon lights on the building.

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