5 Xie, Bill, light painting research

1. In our photograph class, we are doing a program called light painting. The light painting is a photographic technique made by moving light in order to take a special photos. Thus people can see different light be illustrated in the photo after they taking it. The light painting is really amazing and unforgettable.  As we know, the camera plays a very important role in light painting, but how can we set our camera in order to take the pictures in light painting? Let me tell you below:

1. Shutter speed: 30 s

2. F number: F8.0

3. set camera to “M”

4. ISO:100

Those are the basic setting for camera setting in light painting. We also need a lots of material and equipments such as flash, laser point, a camera, a camera support, and so on. The material and equipment we need is depend on different idea and different place to take photo.

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