5 Lucy pinhole camera Reflection

First, what did I learn? I would like to say that’s magic because I learn even can use a shoe box to make a camera! Actually, it’s not shoe box only, you can use whatever you want and take a picture by yourself! That’s the first time I try this, and also my first time to make camera by myself. I even didn’t think about that before, but now I make it happened and even have lots of wonderful pictures. Another one I learn is importance of cooperation. Take the picture have to control the time. Sometimes 30 seconds, sometimes 15 seconds. For me, I can not really accurate control the time, I need my partner help me. We work together and we have perfect pictures.

What is successes and failures? Just use this project taking an simple example. Our goal for this project is taking funny pictures as many as you can, so the successes is your group have many interesting photos and all of these will become the most happiest memory in the future. Instead, if we don’t have those pictures ad we fight with each other, we will lost friendship and both the high grade. That’s of course failures.

If have more time, I really wants to try many type of pictures with can take with my best pinhole camera! We have try many different ways to take many different kinds of photos and may have much more fun. We may can find some fancy things about pinhole camera!

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