5, Fan Sophia, Light Painting Reflection

Light painting self-reflection

We have an interesting project during photograph these days—Light painting! I took some picture in this project. My first picture is my name-Sophia. I took it at the night which had lunar eclipse. There is a red moon in the sky, and we just wrote some interesting stuff use flashlight. We also wrote something else but I haven’t post it. The second picture is a blue swan; I took it in my home. It means the story of <<The Ugly Duckling>>. The ugly duckling finally became a graceful white swan, I hope I can become mature and sophisticated just like the ugly duckling. In the third picture, there is a shining bike, we use firework outlined it so it looks shining and beautiful. I like the color pink and I like to ride bicycle and go to traveling. In the final picture, I was playing my Chinese traditional musical instrument—Guzheng. I like the tone of it very much and I usually play it in order to calm.

     When we took the first photo, we had three persons to do six letters—SOPHIA. It is very difficult to write to different letter in two hands in the same time, so we have a hard experience. When we took second picture, I just use glow stick to draw that swan and that is very beautiful. In the third picture, I used small fireworks to draw it, but the quality of the fire work is not good, it may just burn for a very short time. We took more than 10 photos and we finally get a good one. We took the last picture in my dorm. The new technology of it is we use the music sigh in our phone to make it float in the air. Jessie use a cardboard to hide the screen and show it, then she changed a place and show it again. Alice use the flashlight to flash me when I sat on the chair, then I just use the colorful glow stick to draw the line. I think we had took a great picture.

     Through this project, I learned how to do light painting and it is very interesting. I never think we can do things like this before, I think it is only the artists job. Although we are normal people, we still can do some cool stuffs. Also, I recognized the importance of cooperation because light painting needs a bunch of people to do it together. I think it is really a meaningful project.

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