5 _Bart _Luo _Light Painting Presentation


Fri, 16, Mar 2018

A Bart’s thoughts

I have made a lot of wonderful pictures during the studying of light painting and got to know more about photography. Light painting is a really hard thing to do well. You need to think out ideas, these ideas must come out from your own brain and they have to be original. You need to observe the environment for taking pictures and change the settings of cameras correctly. Deciding the equipment and the position to put the cameras are also important. After all these things, you will probably need some trustable partners there to help you get the pictures done. You need to organise them painting, posing, or shooting. And you need to have the ability to describe the image in your mind to your partners. Other things are only about patience and trying. As long as you tried, the picture will be close to the image in your mind. Sometimes it even shows up better.


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