4 Cui, Jeff, About Me



If you want to create a new account on the internet, the first thing is to name yourself. However, your real name can’t work sometimes because someone may have named themselves with the same name. That is why I created a new name for myself-Jefff.

I love this name, and I deeply believe that name represents my personality in many ways. I like to do things my own way, so I am not a person who loves to listen too much to others. Sometimes, it is extremely hard for people to keep being themselves, especially when facing a fatal choice or an important challenge. But that is what kind of person which I want to become. The name “Jefff” remands me about this point. It is only a small “f” at the end of my name, but it embodies my attitude to life. I have the right to add or subtract things from my life, and I have the courage to do so. I am who I am.

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