4_Xue, Tommy, About Me

    Hello everyone,my name is Tommy,and my Chinese name is Xue Junzhan.I’m 14 years old.I have many hobbie such as playing the piano,draw and play computers. And also I like One Piece. I have collected lots of models in One Piece.

    I think am very friendly and helpful.I will try my best to help the people who need help.Also I like to take part in some activities or some club.I think those activities and club can make me more confidence and then integrate into the new environment more quickly.  

   I have been in pegasus for a week. I think pegasus is a very good school. The atmosphere here is very good, and students get along well with each other.Of course, this is not all the reason why I like PCS. The teachers here are especially friendly and colorful, especially attracting me, which makes me like pegasus.  

     I will get more knowledge in the following study and get along with everyone better.


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