6_Xu, Andy, About me

Everybody is good!My English name is Andy, because my Chinese name is xu antai, I am 16 years old, I come from jinan, shandong province, jinan is a very beautiful city, but its beauty is not just a scenery beauty, jinan beauty because for me with my childhood and a lot of beautiful memories, it is on special.

I’m new pegasus ninth grade students, I come here is hope to have a full of passion and vitality of high school life, I will my best side to everyone, and in the process of self improvement to improve own shortcomings , of course, English is definitely I have to go to one of the essential skills of study hard, I usually like to do is singing and contact with nature, because the passionate beats and the natural environment can bring me a direct spiritual enjoyment, a combination of these.

I need to change, I’m done. Thank you everyone.


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