4_Wang, Sophie, About Me

Hi, my name is Sophie.i’m 14 years old and i am come from laiYang. I have three people in my family. My mom, dad and me.

On my free time, I like to listen music and dance. So in my old school, I join to the cheerleaders team . The cheerleaders team make me happy and have chance to enjoy the stage. Because I am very love the feeling when I am dancing on the stage.I can say so many audiences appreciate our dance show and they cheer for us. Although the practice is very hard, but when I saw many audiences smile.I think every strive is okay. I persist on the dance for many years. Dance let me feel happy.

There are tow photos about me. One is in the summer camp, I have a dance show in a movie drama.My best teacher make up to me.It is my first time join in to the drama. And another photo is when we are prepared dance on the sports meet.we not in one grade, we have some member like 11 geared .But we always chose some free time to practice the sports meet show.we all like dance, we are look like a family.They all my best friends.

This is about me.How about you?

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