4_Sui,Wendy,About Me

                                                                                                      About Me

Hi, I am Wendy from Qingdao.My Chinese name is Sui WenRong.I’m 14.This year I will be grade 9 .I am honored about that.There are three people in my family.My Dad、Mom and me.I really like traveling.On vacation my family usually travel around the world.I’m interested in diving in island with clown fish、coral and seaweed.It relaxes me.I’d like to know some culture and beauty.


I have some hobbies like singing Latin dance..but my favorite thing is swimming.At the age of seven.My mother sent me to swimming club and studied it.From then on, i was absorbed into this kind of sports and practiced harder and harder.When i studied in the middle school I was one of the leading players in our school team and gained a lot of champions and cups.


My favorite food is hot pot.I believe that many people like it.It tastes pretty good.on Weekend,I and my sister  always go to eat it.Then we will go to the cinema and eating some sweet.Here is photo about my sister and i.


I have strength also weakness. I’m shy, I don’t know how to communicate with sb.How to make friend.but I am optimistic.I believe I can solve this problem this year. Hope everything will be better and better.

  Very happy you can see my self-inroduction.Maybe one day we can become friend!


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