4_Sui, Suri, About Me

  Most people call me Siri.Hey,Siri…I’ve a problem.No, my name  isn’t Siri, is Suri. I’m a 9th grade student this year in Pegasus.I’m 14 years old.I’ve got many habits.Such as painting, playing golf, singing and so on.WuLei is my favorite idol.He is so handsome, I think.In July,he came to Qingdao for the movie conference.And I went for the conference,I took some wonderful photos for him.That made me very exited .


When I was a child, I have been dreaming of traveling around the world.From my perspective, people should not always stay in the same place; we should go out to other countries from time to time to see what is happening there and enjoy another kind of life.The outside world is so beautiful that I make my mind to enjoy the amazing views of different places.I have been to some countries in Europe,Asia, Africa, North America in the past years.So, that makes my English speaking is  better than writing.

  Among numerous tourist destinations around the world, the most impressive one is Africa. When we discuss Africa, the word “poverty”, “backwardness”, “drought” and “famine” may first come to mind. However, when I actually set foot on this land, the unexpected beauty caught me off guard. The journey to Africa is amazing.I’ll show you several photos.


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