4_Jin, Ruby, About Me

     Hello everyone, my name is Ruby and my Chinese  name is Jin JinHe. Many people think I’m from Korea because my last name is Jin. But I’m from Qingdao.I’m 14 years old and I’m a ninth grade student in pegasus. 

    My idol is Bridge , he is a Rapper from Chong Qing. I love singing and listen to music. I think I’m a music lover because I love many kinds of music. Music lets people relax a lot. I like traveling and hanging out with my friends. I always watch movies with my friends and I really enjoyed that time.I’m not very good at sports , but I can do some calligraphy. I think I’m optimistic and I want to be a positive person.

    I’m so glad to introduce myself to you and I’m exciting about my new life.

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