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Something about Plagiarism

When we talk about Plagiarism, what do we talk about? In my opinion, exchanging ideas about class projects in the free time is totally OK, but not in the test, if it’s in the test it called cheat, according to the policy in UCLA, it says that Plagiarism is bad because it lost the process of thinking, and that’s the most important thing in our life. In another word you can get a high score on Algebra 2 test by cheat it, I would say that’s OK, it’s your choice, but there will be a lots of big and small tests in our life, and some of them are unable to copy,  then how would you handle that? I have known a lots of guys from news who cheat on the SAT test successfully and got repatriate because of their poor grade on collage GPA, I don’t want let that happen to me, both are we, and we don’t like to see peoples who copy others work for his own; it’s not your own work, copying literally learned nothing, nothing but how to use CTRL +C and CTRL+V, that’s not good for each one of us, so be a good boy and make our Pegasus teachers proud!

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