4 Zhang, Johnny, About Me v2.


I’m a 17-year-old student who study in Pegasus California School even though I am not good at English study. This summer vacation, I went to UCI, and I stayed there around one month. We went to Dr. Long’ s house and visited his family. Also, we met a basketball team, and their name is called Dream. They came to UCI, for they want to win the high school basketball competition. Since I was young, I was envious of people who are very very very tall, as tall as a tree, such as Yao Ming. Now, I don’t need to envy others, because I am tall enough. That is the reason why I join the basketball team although I am not interested in playing basketball. I enjoy watching TV shows or movies, especially the “Vampire Diary,” and I like playing soccer and vedio games. Sometimes I feel upset for no reasons, I feast that feeling and trying to settle down to finish what am I doing right now. All in all, I don’t have any achievements and don’t have dreams, but I am myself.

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