4-Zeng,Alice-about me

   My name is Alice, and I’m in the 9th grade this year. In many time when people hear my name, they feel such a surprised and say why your name is Alice. Many of student may ever read a book named Alice in the wonderland. The main character of the book is a girl who name is Alice, and she is a bravely girl and can face many dangerous situations without scary,so it gives me a deeply impression in my mind.

  Interest is our best teacher, all my hobbies which is like a teacher teach me to insist and don’t give up any hobbies which I love, playing the piano make me know life is like a song you not only to keep it rhythmic and regularly but also can’t abandon it in the middle, after learn that I know how to arrange my life and how to study more efficient. Drawing makes me observe the life more carefully and comprehensive .after learn drawing my life is similar to the rainbow and become so colorful .


Reading is like traveling I’m also a backpacker I like travel very much not only it can widen my eyes and make me become a optimistic person but I also can improve my skill of English speaking a lot.


  I also like  eating. Food is necessity for people. I think cuisine is symbolize the culture of many different places, so I like to taste various cuisine especially traditional food. The dishes in different places has it own characteristic,through their food I even can know the personality of people here. this is the most special hobby of me .

 this is a picture of my mother and me in the Disneyland 3 years ago 


This is the menu of the restaurant in America  

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