4-Yan-Kevin-About Me

Hello,everybody It was a pleasure meeting you all. My name is Kevin yan. My Chinese name is Yan Kaiwen. The pronunciations are the same. I like reading different kinds of fictions. Especially science fiction. Jules Verne is my favorite writer. I am really fascinated with the Verne trilogy. But prefer to make dream when I was sleeping. Because when I was dreaming, my brain will create many crazy thoughts and lots of exciting or funny situation. For example, I found I was playing a computer game with my friend. The game about Star Wars. I was controlling the warships and laser weapons. My friend master warplanes and missiles. After the won over us, we found this game become reality, the enemies star exploded suddenly, really.
The next time I want to introduce my parents. My mom is a busy woman, she is very kind and industrious. She always clears up the house cleanly. My father is a businessman. He is very humorous and he has a talent of performance. He is good at communicating with strangers. He can just talk about a few minutes by his way, then he can get this person’s basic information. That’s fantastic.
I have many friends, my best friend is Even Li. He was my junior high school friend. He was an excellent student, so he always helped me in that time. He was interested in war game, so we always discussed about tactics and distribution.
That’s all, thanks.

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