4 Xie, Bill, About me “

I am Bill, now I am a 11th garden student in Pegasus California School. I believe that lots of people will wonder why I chose “Bill” as my American name. The reason is I want to have same achievement with Bill Gates, so I have to work hard to realize my goal. My hometown is Changsha, the capital of the HuNan province. It is a very prosperous and energetic city. When I have leisure time, and the things I like to do are playing golf, basketball, soccer, building lego, listening to music. Those are good choices to release the pressure from my academic work. I am a very empathetic person, if others have any problems I try my best to help them fix the problem. Also I love pets especially the dogs, yet I don’t really love the small pets. There is a huge Rottweiler in my home. However this is a very simple blog about me. If you want to know more about me, come to find me. I will answer all the question lucidly. Last I mean the happiness is exactly what I want.


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