4 Xie, Bill, Plagiarism

                                                                                         The Plagiarism Rules in Cal

This time I am searching the plagiarism rules in Cal. The plagiarism is a very serious offense that violates copyright law. And from some online dictionary the plagiarism be called “literary theft”. From those definitions we can notice that how bad and serious for the plagiarism. If you want to copy others in UC Berkeley, please thinking twice the result. You be caught in Berkeley, the grades of that subject will be revoked. At most of the time the person would be expelled. So people have to create your own idea and thinking, it’s good for us to improve our own capacity and have a bright future. Thus please don’t plagiarism in anytime and anywhere. Additional, the plagiarism issues in Cal are including: 1. Submitting another’s work, word-for-word, as one’s own. 2. Containing significant portions of text from a single source without alterations. 3. Changing key words and phrases but retaining the essential content of the source. 4. Mixing paraphrased material from multiple sources. Here are all the things I think is important.




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