4_Wang, Krinna, About Me


I’m ninth grade new student this year.My name is Krinna王一格.This name comes  from my favorite star,Kris-Wu,I hope to be as good as him.I comes from Rizhao,a beautiful city which near the sea.There’s three person in my family ,my parents and me.And like this picture,my parents are very soft.

I really like cute puppies,and my brother has one,I think they can make you more kind and soft.And I like to eat a lot of things,such as ice-cream,chips,spaghetti and so on.uh,in my free time I like to sing and dance,my favorite song is Faded,and maybe many people also like it,yes?I think this song can give me positive energy.But I dislike running,it is really tired,right?I like to walk and play badminton,although I’m not very good at this,but it makes me feel relaxed and happy.

In the end,I hope to gain knowledge in the Pegasus,and I also want to make lots of  friends.That’all.Thanks for your listening.


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