4 Lyu, Edison, About myself


   People tend to know others better than themselves, I, however, unlike their awkward position, because I know what my advantages are, some bad habits and hobbies.

Creativity is my biggest shining point, and I like to share my opinion to my friends or partners. When I was 5 or 6 years old, I usually only stayed with myself and thought of something about what happened today and topics about everything, such as why people create a music type called Rap. You may ask why, to be honest I do not know at that time, but it is very useful for myself. I can reflect on a thing by my own and have a unique idea.

Second, controlling time is my most worried matter.People do not want to lose time on unnecessary activities, nor do I want to do it. I know time is treasure for everyone. Sometimes, I want to take a rest, but when I remember I have not done my homework yet, the time already has passed 2 hours. I know it will takes me a long time to amend, but this is imperative in my life.

The last one, my favorite hobby is basketball. I enjoy the atmosphere and passion when I play basketball. It can relax yourself, and basketball also a good way to make new friends. Last summer vacation, I played basketball about 2 hours everyday. No matter who they are either friends or strangers, I would like to play with them.


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