4_Guo_Sophia_About me

My name is Sophia .I’m 13 years old 2004 11  28. There are three people in my family at the moment:my dad, my mum and me.My mother is very good to me.She usually buy something eating for me I love her so much.My dad usually strict with me but sometimes he is really nice.I have a brother.Although we have no any blood relationship he very care about me.

I love puppy all over the world it is so cute but my mum hate them.Im very sad about that.I have been playing ping-pong for 8 years so it is my favorite sport. but I really want to learn how to play basketball .it’s so cool . My favorite color are black &white it are makes me fell cool. I love watch movie . My  favorite movie is Spider man .Actually the actor Tom Holland is so handsome .I’m his fans. During my break time.I usually listen to the music.My favorite music is “Lost Boy”.The singer name’s Ruth B.She is one of my favorite singer .

Anyway I love my family and  love the world.

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