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Me Being Weird

Hello, everyone, My name is Tom. I am a weird person, and I like to play basketball very much. Since I was very young, like 5 years old, I enjoyed sports very much. At that time I practiced swimming everyday, and I am so hungry after practice. Because I was in a kind of sports school. It was a very painful process, but it made me grow fast. During the practice, I met many of my friends. Some of them I still have contact now. Swimming makes me a person that likes to make friends and work with others. It gives me many profits, for I will learn how lonely if you are alone.

My mom and my dad are pretty open-minded, so when I went to primary school, my mom let me go by myself. Since then I was kind of independent. The freedom always leads to the rebellion. So I was a little rebellious about obeying my parent’s advice. Life should be control by yourself, but not others, I used to think like this. Also I think I am a ambivalent guy that sometimes I always do something is not according with my thought. So I am a bittersweet that sometimes makes people laugh, sometimes cry. Both adorable and nasty. 😀

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