4_Leo, Li _About Me

Hi, my name is Leo, I am now a 9th grader, and my Chinese name is LiKunpeng.

I have many hobbies, such as gaming. I love computers, so I always type. I often do coding, because coding can help me with the logic stuff. I use Swift as my coding language, and I prefer to fix software problems, if you have any question weather if you are a mac or a window, I am always going to help.

I really prefer to do sports, especially taekwondo, which is really good for my body. And for art? I also play piano and trumpet, I have already been learning piano for a long time, I started learning piano while I was just 4, and I started learning trumpet 4 years ago.

I don’t often go out with my friend, I prefer to be alone, because I can always do whatever I want, I like making music on my computer, it is fun. And I also like listening to music, I enjoy doing it.

My favorite place is San Diego, my uncle is now living there, the sun set there is amazing, and the sea looks so nice. The climate there is good for people to live. And the place my uncle live is only 1 hours from the city. I want to live there in the future.

My favorite food is steak. I think steak taste good when it is cooked well. But I really like the food in Pegasus, it is way much better than most of the school cafeteria. And it is not so expensive.

I think this is all things about me, Come to me if you want to know more about me.

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