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Hunter’s self-introduction

Hello, my name is Hunter, and I was born on August 17, 2000. I am a foodie, I like to watch movies, and I like traveling around the world. My favorite quote was written by Mark Twain: “Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside.” So eating delicious food become one of the biggest goals in my life. As my opinion, food is sacred, people should respect what they eat. But also, food can bring you tons of emotion. For example, when you eat dessert, you will feel happy, you can imagine the taste of sugar and cream burst your mouth. And when you take spicy food, you will feel anxious, try to get rid of the feeling of a volcano eruption in your mouth, it’s like magic. I like almost all kinds of food, including Chinese food, Japanese food, French food, Italian food, Greek food….. So I’d like to combine delicacy and travel. When you go to another country or another place, the easiest things you can get familiar with is food. More places you go, then more delicacy you will get. Before I went to Japan, I never knew Kobe beef and oyster can be so delicious, it surprised me. But when I went to the UK, fried fish and fried chicken make me sick. Not all of food is delicious, some of them may disappoint you, but that is the funny thing about life. Life is a journey to explore unpredictable mysteries. They might be “yummy,” but they also can be even hard to swallow. I decide to enjoy everything that I met and use my life time to find everything that I haven’t taste.

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