2_Su, Jason, About me

I am Jason Su, a 17-year-old teenager from the east coast of China. Qingdao is both my hometown and the city that I currently live in. Tsingtao beer, seafood, and sailing race are three products of my city that I would like to call them “city pride” since they truly represent Qingdao in positive ways. I was a typical introvert when I was in elementary school, therefore, I did not have many friends when I was little. However, I handled my bashfulness while I grow up, and now I have friend all around the world. I would like to introduce a friend of mine who is from Brazil, named Akram. I first met him in an Italian restaurant when we were watching the world cup. We cheered up for Brazil and had a nice chat. He told me that he was graduated from the university of Qingdao and looking forward to stay in China for a few years.

Besides, I have great passion in artistic field and competitive sports. For instance, I do enjoy painting and photography. I actually attended photography class on campus in order to learn some applicable techniques of both photography and photoshop. I had a fun time in art classes along with remarkable outcomes. Moreover, I am so in love with basketball that I practice it as long as I can stand. I was trained in NBA camps in Las Vegas, New York, and San Francisco in order to be better. My personal creed is: “Insist my choice, work hard or die.”


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