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Claire Qiu

P2 English 

August 28, 2018 

About Me

I’m Claire Qiu. I wish I would have an adorable pet to introduce, however, I am afraid of most common pets just like dogs and cats. During leisure time, I am willing to try some cooking especially when I am at home. Until now,  I have tried a variety of foods include pizzas, cakes, pancakes, waffles, and different kinds Chinese food. Nonetheless, either of them tastes poor, or looks messy which means I still have a long way to go on cooking. What’s more, I love taking photos of winds, and I even set up an album for them.

An especial people I would like to present is my little sister. I used to hate kids before she was born, and mostly resulting from my last sister and other relatives’ children. On the other hand, my impatience has taken into account as well. Fortunately, what I have thought about the images between me and my sister has been shifted completely after her birth. In the case of nobody is able to deny the purity and loveliness of a baby; so do I. In addition, she was chubby and white compared to the other same ages babies. As long as I get to see her, I cannot cease to pinch her softly. The reason that she likes laughing has decorated my appreciation about her too. Previously, I would spend much time on my phone, nevertheless, instead of the preceding behavior, I am more likely to play with her today.





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